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It all started when...

The name Pique' has gained international recognition in the world of antique quilts and textiles.  It's a journey that began thirty years ago when Valerie and I began our lives together.  Valerie was a woman with a dream.  And when Valerie had a dream there was no stopping her.  In our first year together Valerie bought several quilts and my Christmas gift to her was to have them appraised.  The appraiser told Valerie that she had a good eye as one of the quilts had fabrics in it from the late 1700's.  As we left the appointment Valerie said to me "wouldn't it be fun to be known as the quilt ladies!"  That was the beginning of this dream.  We had such fun going to the wonderful museums in New England to "study" the quilts on exhibit and wondering about the lives of their makers.  It has been a journey rich in history and it is such an honor to help preserve these wonderful works.  What started as a passionate hobby became a full-time business with a specialty in late 18th and early 19th Century quilts and textiles.

     Valerie Kelly-Hodenius  July 19, 1946 - July 24, 201 4

     Valerie Kelly-Hodenius  July 19, 1946 - July 24, 2014